We’re infraLayer,

a 10+ years old, 24x7 tech. hub operating in Cairo Cyberspace, specializing in High-Performance and Defensive computing

Bringing order to Chaos

If you stress most platforms beyond some low threshold, they irreparably break.

What we shoot for, is developing platforms that are seemingly quite opposite, if you stress them they are able to resist and continue to function just fine or at least within a close approximation..

A proud EBRD certified vendor

One of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) missions in Egypt is focus on modernising the financial sector, developing the agribusiness sector and municipal and infrastructure projects, while upgrading transport and telecommunications services.

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Trust is everything

A success story everyday, a family growing bigger, clients that engage with us trusts us with their most valuable data and intellectual property..

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For safety,
all over the Cyberspace!
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